Valentine’s Day Brushes


Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve created a special brush set of love-themed stamps exclusively for membership users.

Use these stamps, hearts, and sparkles to decorate the cover of your mixtape challenge!  You’ve got until the end of the month to send us a list of ten songs & decorate a cover to express your love. Learn all the deets here.


If you need a refresher on how to import custom brushes, you can check out this article.

This brush set is only available to SketchBook Members using SketchBook v8 or greater. You can start a free 15 day trial if you’re not a member yet- give it a whirl!

Click here to get started.

Under Pressure: Wacom Pressure Sensitivity & SketchBook

If you’re new to the Wacom Intuos, we’ve got a few tips for you! We created a three part video series to get you familiar with the basics of your drawing tablet and Autodesk SketchBook.

First up, we learn all about pressure sensitivity! Not all of the brushes in SketchBook will react when you press down harder on the pen. Learn to customize your SketchBook brushes to get the most out of your new tablet! Watch and learn:


Happy drawing!

Color As Emotion: DestinyBlue’s Favorites

It’s time to reveal DestinyBlue’s picks for her challenge !

~ Serenity ~
The crisp blue of running water feels fresh yet calming, as the pair drift their way downstream, they are bathed in warmer colours, drinking up the music playing from the headphones. Daniel-Aubert has done a great job of putting me into that moment with them. The soft painting style lends to the tranquility of it all.  I feel more serene just looking at this!


~ Love ~
Runner up
Self love can push the darkness away and sooth the black spikes of self doubt. So poignant are the scars on her wrist, with green shoots of life poking through, symbolising hope and growth. Bursting with emotion, ufo-galz concept certainly strikes an emotional chord with me. May she keep loving and growing.


~ Fury ~
Runner up
You don’t want to upset an angel – just look at that expression! I love the powerful reds which run through her skin and wings, fire-lit by the illuminated clouds behind. DavidVargo takes warm colours to the extreme, I can positively feel the heart of her emotions staring right through me; and I really don’t want to stick around to find out how she’ll unleash her fury!


~ Melancholy ~
Runner up
Oniamy has built a thoughtful scene where bluedominates, permeating everything, from skin to trees to stars. She has captured a place of reflection, that place where you dwell within your sadder emotions, a place we all need to visit sometimes, but a place I know all too well…


Special thanks to everyone for participating!
And of course- thanks to DestinyBlue for her inspiring challenge!

Valentine’s Day Mixtape Challenge


Ahh, the mixtape. Is there any clearer way to express your affection? Through painstakingly recording your favorite tunes into a personal playlist, you can win the heart of your beloved. It’s a time honored tradition- and we’re teaming up with our friends at Tinkercad to bring you this challenge.

How do you enter? You have to do two things: Create a playlist of ten songs that you’d put on a mixtape for your boo- and design a cover in SketchBook using this handy template.

(If you don’t have SketchBook already, get it here!)


Three lucky lovebirds will have their tapes chosen to be made real. We’ll 3D print a replica cassette tape, fitted with a USBstick ,  and decorate it with your awesome cover art. You’ll also get an iTunes gift card. Then you can give the tape, fully loaded with your songs, away to your love!


What are you waiting for?


Send your cover art and your playlist to before February 28th! We’ll choose our lucky lovebirds right after that date.

Autodesk SketchBook – What’s New Lately?

Hey, Mac App store users! Update your apps to get the brand new brushes in the membership version of SketchBook desktop.

What’s in store for you? Check out this video to learn more about the updated tools and features in Autodesk SketchBook.

If you haven’t moved over from perpetual yet, there’s never a better time than the present. Just want to test drive the new tools? Go right ahead. As of December, we’ve reset the 15 day counter so you can give the free trial another go.

Project Draco Invitation


Autodesk’s Project Draco is a simple iOS iPad app that allows anyone to add animation effects to their drawings. You can use it with SketchBook! Instead of drawing each frame by hand, like in traditional animation,  a user can select pre-set motions.

Start by creating a still illustration, and place different elements of the image on different layers. Import your layered file into Draco and apply animation to objects or groups to make the image come to life. You can even make objects follow paths!


The simple dynamic effects were used in the image above to make the dragon breathe, birds fly, the water ripple and the leaves fall. It was easy, because they were created on different layers.

The team at Autodesk behind project Draco would like to invite you to give it a try! Sign up at the Autodesk Beta site, fill out a short survey and the team will contact you if you’re selected for the beta.

Click here to get started with Draco!


Once you’re in the beta, be sure to submit your drawing with hashtag #madewithdraco to the Project Draco Tumblr. The team is giving away prizes for some of their favorite pieces!

Digital Brushes That Feel Real

newsfeed-ktw-kingKyle T. Webster is a celebrated artist, with clients like The New York Times and NIKE, but he’s best known on Creative Market for his brushes. At a first glance, you won’t know his work is digital- his incredible brushes mimic traditional mediums with textures, crackles, and splatters.  We recently overhauled our brush engine, and asked Kyle to create a special set of 12 unique brushes to celebrate that. Check them out:

Untitled-10 brushstrokes


Get those brushes right now just by signing up for a 15 day free trial of SketchBook. Already used up a trial? Think again- we reset the counter! Give SketchBook one more try this holiday season.


If you want more from Kyle, get his full SketchBook set from Creative Market!


Happy Holidays: SketchBook Updates & New Brushes

newsfeed-update-dec-2015If you’re a SketchBook Member, update your apps right now! As a little holiday treat to you, we’ve got a couple of updates to both mobile and desktop!

On desktop, say hello to a whole new world of brushes. Not only have we updated the entire engine behind the scenes, but we’ve added several brand new brush types, sets, and color editor improvements.

Check out our release video to learn more.

For Mobile users, we’ve done a lot of tweaking underneath the hood. Those lucky enough to have an Apple Pencil will see increased performance, from stroke stability to palm rejection.
But there is one special change for iOS users – the mobile inking brush! Now you can use that bold, hard edged line at your desk or on the go – wherever  inspiration takes you. The inking brush will, of course, be available for Android in an upcoming update.


Everyone at Autodesk is saying farewell to a member of the family- the perpetual license. For all individual desktop software products we make, including SketchBook, perpetual licenses will be sold until January 31, 2016. After that date, we’re heading into the future and going full membership.

But perpetual users- don’t panic! If you purchased SketchBook Pro 7 from the Autodesk eStore in the last year, you should have received a special coupon code. Find this code in the email you used to purchase. You can use it for one free year of membership at Add a year of membership to you cart, and use the code to bring the purchase to $0!

If you can’t find the code, that’s ok. Contact eStore support with your order number right here, and they’ll fix you up.

If you aren’t a SketchBook member yet there’s no better time to join. Try membership out for free for 15 days – even if you’ve already used a trial – right now.

Happy drawing- we can’t wait to see what you create!

Featured Sketch This Challenge: Colour As Emotion


Are you as excited about Sketch This as we are? We’ve got an extra special treat for you.

Each month, the SketchBook team will choose one challenge from Sketch This to be a featured challenge. We’ll announce the challenge right here on the blog! Anyone who enters the featured challenge will be eligible for gifts given out randomly during that month. How will you know if you won something? We’ll contact you through DeviantArt if you’ve been chosen. Sounds good, right? Enter the featured challenge, and you just might get lucky!

So without further delay, here’s the featured challenge until January 10th!



The colours I paint with talk a lot. They speak of love, of power, of past, all with their corresponding hues.

So, my challenge for you: Paint a scene where an emotion is depicted through colour.
Colours and emotions are natural allies: that burning red of anger, the radiant gold of tenderness, the hazy sepia of nostalgia. Get creative with combinations, you may depict any emotion you choose, using as many or as few colours as you like, in whatever scenario your imagination devises.

I love art because it can be such a powerful medium of connection, so I would love if your drawing made me feel something!



About DestinyBlue:

DestinyBlues paintings weave stories through colour and symbolism. Bristling with emotional electricity her works are instantly recognizable by their luminous colours and thought provoking concepts. Tugging at heartstrings, each painting invites you into another girl’s world.

Not doing commissions, or drawing for anything other than personal joy – and an emotional outlet – Blue works hard to keep her content independent and original. She travels the world to conventions, where she meets her supporters, sells her creations, and shares her stories.

Take part in his challenge for a chance to win a Wacom Intuos Pro Small, thanks to our friends at Wacom!

You can find Sketch This on mobile devices in the latest version of SketchBook. Click on the menu button, and then select Sketch This. Scroll through the list of challenges for you to draw- from simple to complex. Find ‘Color As Emotion’ and take a dive into this challenge!