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Every great building starts as a sketch

Develop a sketch into an idea, ready for your CAD workflow or a presentation-quality render to show colleagues and clients.

From the toolmaker you trust

Use Autodesk-made rulers, ellipse guides, and French curves for precise lines. Turn on algorithmic Predictive Stroke for just the right amount of smoothing to freehand strokes.

Architect Tools

Like drawing on paper

Our pencils and markers have a natural texture and respond the way you expect. Use blending brushes or wet media brushes to add an artistic touch to a render.

Perfect perspective

Snap every stroke to 1, 2, 3, and 5 point (fisheye) perspective guides. Pin your vanishing point anywhere, on or off canvas.

Architect Perspective UI Perspective

SketchBook is very platform agnostic, whether it's on your desktop, tablet, or laptop… It's a flexible, universal sketching tool for iterating ideas.

— Mike Engel,

Architecture Designer at ESG Architecture & Design

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