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Workflow: Basic Product Installation

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Basic product installation steps may vary according to your product, installation environment, operating system, and other factors. In general terms, you prepare your system, choose installation options, install the product, and launch it. Check your product documentation for product-specific installation help.

If your team works in a multi-seat stand-alone environment, you can repeat these basic instructions for each computer seat. Alternatively, an administrator can create a deployment, which is described in a separate workflow.

Important: These instructions outline the steps you take to install. They don’t contain troubleshooting information. If you run into problems when you try to install, see Troubleshoot Installation Issues or search the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Install upgrades and maintain your license from Autodesk Account or directly from your product through the Autodesk desktop app.

Update from Autodesk Account

  1. Go to the Product Updates tray in Autodesk Account to find updates, improvements, or patches that have been released for your product.
  2. Select and install the updates you want.

Update from the Autodesk desktop app

  1. Review product updates automatically made available to you in the Autodesk desktop app.
  2. Select and install the updates you want.

Get more information about the Autodesk desktop app, including a link to install it.

Updated on October 20, 2017

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