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SketchBook for Windows 10 differences between subscription vs free

SketchBook on a Windows 10 deviceIf you have a multi-touch Windows 10 device, there are three SketchBook options to choose from. Before you make a decision, take a look at the chart below. It will list the features for both the free and subscription (paid) version of each.

Before we begin, look at the descriptions below to get a better idea of what each version is for:

SketchBook for Mobile
This light version of SketchBook was optimized for touch and pen input devices, such as phones and tablets. Sign in to expose more tools. Buy the **subscription version for additional brushes, pens, and pencils, layer blending, rulers and guides, fills, symmetry, and more (see chart).

SketchBook for Desktop
It can be installed on either 32- or 64-bit Windows machines. If you have a subscription, you will run the full desktop version of SketchBook and get it on all your devices (iOS and Android). This version was created for desktop systems and designed for stylus and mouse input. It has all the SketchBook tools (in the **subscription version). What it lacks for Windows Tablet users is the touch (gesture) optimization.

If you are on a surface device and you don’t have touch support, this indicate you’re using SketchBook for Desktop, not the Windows 10 version. For touch support, switch to SketchBook for Windows 10.

SketchBook for Windows Tablet (Windows 10)
It can be installed ONLY on a 64-bit Windows machine/device. It is specifically designed for stylus and touch-input and was optimized for Windows 10 and takes advantage of the device’s performance and processing power (something the phones and other tablets lack). The interface has been updated with larger high-definition icons. To improve the touch experience, we’ve included bigger hit-zones. The canvas size is up to 100MP. There are unlimited layers and undos.

**A subscription entitles you to the Pro SketchBook tools on all your devices and machines for one price. You also get free weekly brushes, plus tutorials, through the SketchBook Blog, and the full version of our animation app, SketchBook Motion.

For a comparison of features, check out the chart below:

The differences between the subscription versions of Windows 10 and Windows Desktop

  Windows 10 version (download from Windows Store) Windows Desktop version (download from www.sketchbook.com
Canvas and Canvas size
100MP canvas
Multi-touch enabled
High-Definition display support
Surface Dial
64MP canvas
Multi-touch enabled
Brushes Preset Brushes
Synthetic and Blending brush types (Pro)
Texture Brushes (Pro)
Brush Sets (Pro)
Preset Brushes
Synthetic and Blending brush types (Pro)
Texture Brushes (Pro)
Brush Sets (Pro)
Custom Brushes (Pro)
Color options
Color Editor
Color Puck
Transparent Color
Color Editor
Copic Color Library
Color Palette (Pro)
Color Puck
Transparent Color
Color Correction (Pro)
Unlimited layers
Layer Editor
Layer Blending modes (Pro)
Unlimited layers
Layer Editor
Layer Blending modes (Pro)
Layer Grouping
Selection Persistent Selection tools
Fills Fill tools Fill tools
Drawing tools Guide tools (Pro)
Shape tools (Pro)
Stroke stabilizer (Pro)
Guide tools
Draw Style tools (Pro)
Dynamic Perspective Guides (Pro)
French Curve
Text tool
Transform Quick Transform
Transform tools (Pro)
Quick Transform
Transform tools (Pro)
Symmetry Movable Symmetry Tools (Pro) Movable Symmetry Tools
Radial symmetry
Animation FlipBook
Editing tools Crop tool (Pro)
Image Adjustments
Distort (Pro)
Undo/Redo Unlimited 75 max
Stylus support Optimized pen-based workflow
Stylus tilt and stamp scaling
Optimized pen-based workflow
Stylus tilt and stamp scaling
Importing Import/Export common image files Import/Export common image files
UI UI display modes UI customization
Custom brush icons

The UI is different for both versions.

The differences between free and subscription

SketchBook for Windows 10  Free version Subscription
Layers Unlimited
Layer Stack
Layer Blending modes
Layer Grouping
Undo/Redo capability 75 max
Multi-touch enabled
Preset Brushes
Brush editing (properties and color)
SketchBook Extras with free brushes
Brush management features (add custom icons, brushes, and groups)
Adding/deleting brushes and
groups to/from the Brush Palette
Color Palette (swatches), Color Wheel, Color Puck, and Color Picker
Stroke stabilizer
High-Definition display support
Pixel-preview support
Pen Mode and gesture support
Synthetic and Blending brush types
Enhanced customizeable brush texture and stamp
Canvas size 64MP canvas
Quick Transform
Movable Symmetry Tools
Fill tools
Guide tools
Persistent Selection tools
Optimized pen-based workflow
Stylus tilt and stamp scaling
Import/Export common image files ✓ (flattened tifs)
Editing tools: Crop tool, Image Adjustments, & Distort
Custom Brushes
Drawing tools: Dynamic Perspective Guides, French Curve, & Text tool

To purchase a subscription, click here.

How do I use the app with a subscription?

Click here for instructions on how to run the app on desktop, iOS, and Android.

Updated on November 1, 2017

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