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SketchBook subscription quick start guide

Here’s a quick start guide for purchasing and setting up a SketchBook subscription for Windows or Mac from www.sketchbook.com in under 10 minutes! Since we’ve tried to cover all our bases in terms of issues you may encounter while subscribing, many of these steps may not apply. For many people, they already have an email account they can use, so that step could be skipped.

Step 1: Creating an email

Most of you will already have an valid email address; however, for those of you who don’t, you will need one to use and manage your SketchBook subscription. Use this email address to:

If creating a new email, try to log in first using your email vendor site to ensure it’s not being used, then create the account (i.e., sketchbookisawesome@gmail.com).

Step 2: Creating a SketchBook account

When creating the SketchBook account, use the same password as your email account.

Once you’ve create your account, check your email for a Welcome email from SketchBook.

Check your Junk folder, if it doesn’t appear in your inbox.

If you still haven’t received the email, check your Account Settings to see if you made a typo. If so, you can edit your setting and make the correction.

Step 3: Changing the language displayed on the SketchBook website

In some instances, the site may not recognize your OS language settings, even after you’ve logged in. In this case, to view the SketchBook website in your native language, change the end of the URL to the appropriate language.

For example, the English site would be: https://www.sketchbook.com/?locale=en-US
To change it to Brazilian Portuguese, it would be: https://www.sketchbook.com/?locale=pt-BR

Here is a language codes:

  • en-US  English
  • pt-BR  Brazilian Portuguese
  • fr-FR  French
  • de-DE  German
  • it-IT  Italian
  • ja-JP  Japanese
  • ko-KR  Korean
  • ru-RU  Russian
  • es-ES  Spanish
  • zh-CN   Chinese (Simplified)
  • zh-TW  Chinese (Traditional)

Step 4: Resetting your password

Here is how to reset your password on your sketchbook.com account and change it back to the preferred (original) password.

Quick Start Guide: Security settings for your Autodesk account

  1. Go to https://accounts.autodesk.com. If you’re not logged in, tap the top right corner, then log in.
  2. Ensure you are in the PROFILE section (found along the top).
  3. Tap security settings to access your accounts settings and change your password and email.

In the video demo below, we will be using the following passwords:

         Correct Password

         Reset Password

         Update it to the preferred (original) Password

Step 5: Purchasing a SketchBook subscription

You will need a credit card to buy a SketchBook subscription. After your purchase, confirm you’ve received your SketchBook subscription. Then check the Account Settings on www.sketchbook.com to confirm you have a SketchBook subscription.

Step 6: Viewing your receipt in the Account Settings

Step 7: Cancelling your subscription

By default, you will automatically be charged for the next month or year. To change your Renewal settings, login and go to your Account Settings.

Step 8: Renewing your subscription

If you have cancelled your subscription, you can easily restart it.

Step 9: Downloading your SketchBook software

Here is where you can download your SketchBook software:



Windows 10 (Mobile)

Step 10: Logging into SketchBook to load the Pro features

Check out this article to log into SketchBook (Desktop/Mobile) and load the Pro features. If you miss this step, you will be running the free version.

Updated on October 13, 2017

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