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What is SketchBook Motion?

Subway emergency ventilation system prototype created in SketchBook Motion

SketchBook Motion is a new application which is part of the SketchBook family of apps.

Create images with motion by applying simple gestures to make things grow, move, or emit particles. Use layers to assign different animation to distinct elements in your scene. Add complex animation behavior using advanced controls, such as granular motion.

Entertain or communicate

Output and share your work

With an existing subscription, all features are fully unlocked. You can only save a file to the gallery with a subscription. All share and export functions work whether you are using the free or subscription version.

Create from scratch or use existing images

Deepen your knowledge

Sign up for a 7-day free trial of subscription

What happens after the trial period is over? You will be charged for an annual subscription ($29.99 USD) through your iTunes account. You can, however, log into your iTunes account settings to turn off auto-renewal or change your subscription settings.

What do I get with a subscription? You have access to the entire SketchBook family of apps, including all desktop (Windows/Mac) and mobile (iOS and Android) versions. Download and log in with your email and password.

School of Fish by Rae Morris is SketchBook Motion

Does it run on all platforms?

SketchBook Motion runs on iOS only – starting from version 9.

Creating stickers for iMessage is only available if running iOS version 10.

What device(s) can I run the app on?

SketchBook Motion is currently supported on iPad only:

  • 6-bit iPad Air gen 1 +
  • iPad Pro gen 1 +
  • iPad mini gen 2 +

We also support Apple Pencil – get pressure-sensitivity when painting with brush tools.

  • Download the app from iTunes.


Updated on October 13, 2017

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