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SketchBook Mobile: Maximum layers and canvas size?

SketchBook Mobile version 3Did you download SketchBook Mobile and want to know how many layers you have or how large your canvas can be? Well, it’s all up to your device. Your device’s specifications and the software version determine the various combinations of layer number and canvas size. See the charts below:


With the 4.x mobile version, you get many more layers. If you’re using a device with a smaller canvas and many layers, you may notice even better performance than working with a massive canvas and many layers, due to the demands placed on your device.

Keep in mind, the larger your layers, the fewer layers available, due to hardware limitations.

Legacy versions: v.3.x

For SketchBook v3x, all the supported iPads offer different canvas and layer combinations:

Canvas sizes iPad2 & mini
  iPad3    iPad 4  iPad Air
768 x 1024   12 layers 18 layers  18 layers 18 layers
1536 x 2048   4 layers 6 layers  6 layers 6 layers
1800 x 2400   3 layers 4 layers  4 layers 4 layers
2500 x 2500   2 layers 3 layers  3 layers 3 layers
2830 x 2830 3 layers


Sample Canvas sizes  Supported Android devices
1080 x 1920 11 layers
1600 x 2560 6 layers
1080 x 1920 11 layers
2048 x 1556 11 layers
2830 x 2830 3 layers

The larger the canvas size, the less available layers. 


Updated on August 30, 2018

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