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SketchBook Mac App Store quick start guide

This article contains videos for creating an iTunes account and so much more, beyond downloading and installing SketchBook from the Mac App Store. If you already have an iTunes account or reset your password, skip them and go directly to Download and install SketchBook from the Mac App Store. If this is all new to you, watch the videos in order and follow along. These videos will help you set up a SketchBook for Mac from iTunes in under 10 minutes!

Create an iTunes account

To get SketchBook through the App Store, you will need:

  • An email address: i.e., sketchbookisawesome.macstore@gmail.com
  • An iTunes account
  • An Autodesk account or to create one

Use same password for your Google Mail, iTunes, and Autodesk account.

Download and install SketchBook from the Mac App Store

We have not created an Autodesk account, yet. We can use an iOS device or a desktop computer to create an Autodesk account.

Create an Autodesk account (iOS)

We downloaded SketchBook for Desktop from the Mac Store, but we don’t have an Autodesk account and need one to start using SketchBook (unless you want to check out the 7-day trial.

Create an account using a desktop computer

SketchBook Support: Resetting your password

In this section, we will reset password on your Autodesk account, then we will change it back to the preferred (original) password.

The Accounts Settings are where you can change your password and edit your email. We will be using the following passwords in the video demo:

         Correct Password

         Reset Password

         Update it to the preferred (original) Password

Here are the steps:

This will work if you know your password. If you forgot your password, you can log a ticket to us.

1. Go to: https://accounts.autodesk.com
2. Log in using your email address.

Go to: https://accounts.autodesk.com

3. Click on the Edit Profile button, then go to the Security Settings tab, tap the Change Password button, change your password, and save it.

Changing your Account Settings password in SketchBook

If you entered the wrong email address when you created your account, at this point, you would tap the Change Email button, update your email address, and save it.

Changing your Account Settings email in SketchBook

4. Go to https://www.sketchbook.com and log in using your new email address.



Update SketchBook from sketchbook.com

The latest updates are uploaded to www.sketchbook.com sooner than the Mac App Store. Apple needs to check the app before it can be published in their store.

Download your SketchBook software for these locations:


Mobile (Android/iOS)

Windows 10 (Mobile)

Saving options for SketchBook MAS vs. sketchbook.com

To see the difference, we need to setup an iCloud account. When you save files in the Mac Store version of SketchBook for Desktop, you can save the files into your iCloud Drive.


Updated on May 1, 2018

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