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SketchBook for Desktop differences between subscription vs free

Do you want to know what the differences are between the free and subscription versions of SketchBook for Desktop? What do you get with the free version and with the subscription? The table will help you with this.

The differences between free and subscription

  Free version Pro subscription
Canvas size
Custom Canvas Size
up to 64 Megapixel
Brushes 16 Preset brushes Full Brush Library
Custom brushes

Synthetic and Blending brush types
Color options
36 Copic Colors 300+ Copic Colors
Layer Stack
3 layers Unlimited layers (based on your device)
Layer Grouping
Layer Blending Modes
Selection Persistent Selections
Fills Flood Fill Flood Fill
Gradient Fill
Guides Straight & Circle Ruler Straight & Circle Ruler
French Curve
Dynamic Perspective Guides
Transform Quick Transform (limited features) Quick Transform
Symmetry Movable Symmetry (limited features) Movable Symmetry
Animation FlipBook
Gallery Image Adjustments
UI Steady Stroke
Stylus support Optimized pen-based workflow
Multi-touch enabled (Wacom devices)
Optimized pen-based workflow
Stylus tilt and stamp scaling
Multi-touch enabled (Wacom devices)
Importing Import/Export common image files Import/Export common image files

Click here for a more detailed description of features and improvements in SketchBook.

Which is better for me: free or subscription?

The free version provides a basic set of tools to get you started drawing. For those of you who want more tools, Pro (paid) subscription is the way to go. You unlock the complete Pro toolset on any supported computer or mobile device (Windows, Mac, Windows 10, Android, and iOS) using your Autodesk account. You can also upload the free brushes that appear on the blog. Also, for users with a later model iPad, you get SketchBook Motion.

SketchBook for Mobile and SketchBook for Windows 10 don’t have all the same features as the desktop version. See SketchBook for Mobile differences between subscription vs free for a comparative list for the mobile version of the app. See SketchBook for Windows 10 differences between subscription vs free for a comparative list for the Windows 10 version.

More information is available at sketchbook.com or check out SketchBook in the Mac App Store.

Click here on how to download and log into SketchBook after you have purchased your subscription.

Updated on October 13, 2017

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