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How to report SketchBook crashes

If you are experiencing crashes, you might write an app store review to contact us and let us know about the issue. We will see this, but it is not the fastest and most effective way to report an issue or get an answer.

Please do report the issues you find! This help us make the product better. However, for a faster response, the latest solutions, and to help the SketchBook community, here is what we suggest:

  • Visit the SketchBook Forum. This is where the latest issues are reported and the latest solutions can be found. Our support staff constantly monitor the forum to stay on top of the latest issues.
  • Log a ticket. If you have gone through the SketchBook Forum posts and haven’t found a solution, please log a ticket. This┬áprovide us with more information about the issue and a way to reach out if we have questions. Not only will our support team see this, but when we need to collect more data for fixing a bug, they will also pass everything along to our dev team. This is when your help is especially invaluable!

If you have suggestions for new features or ways to improve SketchBook, besides using the app stores for this, we also have the Submit a request page. When filling this out, under Nature of Request, select I Have a Suggestion. Your suggestion will go directly to our dev team. This is one of the best ways to contribute to the future of SketchBook.

Updated on November 10, 2017

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