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How to renew your subscription

If you have not turned off auto-renewal, you won’t need to worry about renewal. It will happen automatically. However, if you aren’t sure if it’s on or off, for all of the following activities, you’ll start with going to Account Settings.

Accessing Account Settings

For a shortcut to accessing Account Settings, use sketchbook.com/settings.
Here is the longer way (if curious):

  1. On the main SketchBook page, in the right corner, tap LOG IN, and enter your username and password. This area changes to display a user icon and your email address.Finding Account Settings from the Autodesk SketchBook home page
  2. Tap your email address and select ACCOUNT SETTINGS from the menu that appears.

Checking auto-renewal

  1. Once in Account Settings, in the Account Settings section, look at the Subscription Information section.
  2. Next to Next Billing Date, do one of the following:
    • If you have a yearly subscription and you see Activate Renewal, this means auto-renewal has been turned off. Tap Activate Renewal to turn auto-renewal ON.
    • If you have a yearly subscription and you see Cancel Renewal, this means auto-renewal is on. When your renewal comes up, your subscription will continue.
    • If you have a monthly subscription, you will see the Upgrade to Yearly Subscription. If you want to change your subscription term from monthly to yearly, tap Upgrade to Yearly Subscription.

When is my renewal date?

To find your renewal date, like all things dealing with your subscription, visit your Account Settings. In Account Settings, look at the date in the Subscription Information section.

  • If you are a monthly subscriber, look at the date next to Next Billing Date.
  • If you are a yearly subscriber, look at the date next to Next Billing Date.
  • If you are a yearly subscriber through an app store, it will show an expiry date.

My subscription has expired

If your subscription has expired, when you go to your Account Settings, in Subscription Information, tap the Renew now button.

You will be asked to enter your credit card info again, since we don’t keep financial information once your subscription has expired.

How do I renew if I purchased by subscription through an app store?

Since there are an assortment of ways to purchase a SketchBook subscription, select the one that applies to you for renewal instructions:

Purchased through the Apple App Store: Please use your iTunes account to log into the Apple App Store and access/change your subscription options. For help, check out this support article.

Purchased through the Windows Store: Please use your Microsoft account to log into the Windows Store and access/change your subscription options.

Purchased through the Google Play Store: Please use your Google account to log into Google Play and access/change your subscription options. For help, check out this support article.


Updated on March 7, 2018

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