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How to rename scenes (Pro)

Not available to Free users

Have you made duplicate scenes? If so, it’s good practice to rename scenes to help keep track of which scene is which. Using Rename will help with this.

Renaming your scene (Pro)

Not available to Free users

Assign custom names to help with organization and to better identify duplicate scenes.

Rename scenes in SketchBook Motion

  1. In the toolbar, selectMenu icon in SketchBook Motion and select Gallery icon in SketchBook Motion to access the Gallery.
  2. In the Gallery, tap My Scenes. The screen changes to see all the scenes you’ve created.
  3. Tap Select.

    My Scene with Select in SketchBook Motion

  4. Tap More icon containing Duplicate and Rename in SketchBook Motion and then choose Rename.

    Duplicate in SketchBook Motion

  5. Enter a new name and tap Rename. You’ll see the scene name change.
Updated on October 13, 2017

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