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I purchased subscription, now what?

Have you purchased a subscription, either from www.sketchbook.com or as an in-app purchase off the Mac App Store? If so and you haven’t yet downloaded the software, here’s some information on the different DESKTOP versions:

  • SketchBook from sketchbook.com. This version is always the most updated and always contains the latest new features.
  • SketchBook from Mac App Store. Though the Mac App Store version isn’t updated as frequently as the regular Mac version, if you want iCloud storage, this is the version for you.

Below, you will find instructions for downloading SketchBook for Mac/Win, mobile (iOS/Android), and Windows 10. See the section below that pertains to you.

How to know you’re running the subscription version

If you have already downloaded SketchBook and are using it, ensure you’re running the subscription version:

  • For SketchBook for Desktop, along the top of the canvas, it should say Pro Subscription. If it doesn’t, log into the app.
  • For SketchBook for Mobile, under  Tools icon (the Tools menu), if there are 4 tools, you’re running the free version and will need to log into the app.
  • For SketchBook for Windows 10, if there are only 5 icons in the toolbar, you’re running the free version and will need to log into the app.

Downloading SketchBook for Desktop (Win/Mac)

1. To download SketchBook for all devices and platforms go to any of the following:

Now that you’re logged in, tap your username, select Account Settings, then tap the Downloads tab.

Account Settings from SketchBook.com
All the Subscription downloads for available platforms are listed here.

The Download page in Account Settings

2. Log into the app with the same Autodesk username and password you used when purchasing your subscription.

For example, if you created your Autodesk account using Facebook to log in, then you must log in using Facebook to load your Pro tools.

There are two ways to do this:

      • Use the Startup screen and tap Log In.

Log in dialog for setting up your Pro tools from SketchBook subscription

      • Close the Startup screen and in the menu bar, select My Account > Log In.

Pro Subscription will appear along the top of the app.

Pro subscription in the title bar of SketchBook

For an article that covers everything to do with subscription for the desktop, see the SketchBook subscription quick start guide. For Mac App Store, see SketchBook Mac App Store subscription quick start guide.

Downloading SketchBook for Mobile (iOS/Android/Windows 8.1)

Before we get started, there are a few things you might have questions about:

  • What if I uninstalled SketchBook, do I need to buy it again?

No. If you have uninstalled SketchBook, and want to reinstall it, you do not need to pay again to get it.

Before uninstalling the app, if you are on iOS, you must back up our sketches, either to the iCloud or some other location. When the app is deleted, all locally saved sketches are deleted, as well.

For an in-app purchase of the Pro Tools, SketchBook should appear in the Purchased section of the App Store you purchased the app from.

  • I bought the Pro Tools through the Google Play Store, but want to run it on my iPad. Do I need to buy it again?

Yes. Since the Google Play Store is a different store from the Apple App Store, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase from the Apple Store. The purchase is not transferable to another store. However, with a SketchBook subscription, you get SketchBook on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, plus you also get Motion (our animation app that won “Best of 2016” from the App Store). 

With a subscription, you don’t have to purchase SketchBook for each platform. You can simply download the app from any store and log in to see your Pro features.

1. Go to www.sketchbook.com/mobile and download the mobile versions of the app from App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store.

2. Install the app. Initially, it is in the limited-functionality free mode.

3. Log in using the same Autodesk username and password used when purchasing your subscription.

For example, if you created your Autodesk account using Facebook to log in, then you must log in using Facebook to see your Pro entitlement.

Logging in to load the SketchBook Pro tools.Swiping up to sign into SketchBook

Entering your username and password for signing into SketchBookLogin dialog

4. The mobile version with the Pro Tools should now be unlocked. This is what you will see.



If you run into login issues, click here for troubleshooting information.

Downloading SketchBook for Windows 10

For Windows 10, we’ve provided a video that takes you through logging into SketchBook.

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Updated on October 13, 2017

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