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How to open existing scenes

How do you open existing scenes and continue working on them? Open the Gallery, scroll through and find the scene you want, then tap it.

If you are a Free user, this area will only contain a maximum of three editable scenes. If you have a secondary section on this page populated with other scenes, these are not editable, as they are read-only and need a subscription to make them editable.

When you open the Gallery and tap the My Scenes tab, you'll see 3 scenes

Opening an existing scene

At any time, you can select an existing scene and continue your work on it.

1. To access the Gallery, in the toolbar, tap Menu icon in SketchBook Motion, then select Gallery icon in SketchBook Motion Gallery.

2. In the Gallery, tap My Scenes. All the scenes you’ve created are displayed there.

Open existing scenes in the My Scenes tab in SketchBook Motion

3. Scroll through and tap a scene to load it.

Updated on November 2, 2017

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