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How to make ecards

Ecard in SketchBook MotionUse SketchBook on Desktop, Windows 10, or Mobile to create the elements for your card or draw them in SketchBook Motion. If the elements are coming from outside of SketchBook Motion, they just need to be imported.

For this card, in SketchBook, the bat was on its own layer. The background layer was hidden to create a transparent background. Any other layers in the SketchBook project were hidden, as well. Next, the file was saved. This process was repeated for all other elements needed for the ecard. Finally, the files were sent to the iPad (these files weren’t created with SketchBook for iPad), so they could be loaded by SketchBook Motion.

When you open SketchBook Motion, first you’ll need to select a background. Keep in mind, you can use another image as your background. For this ecard, I used the Starry background. Next, import the images using Import icon in SketchBook Motion > Import to Layer icon in SketchBook Motion Import to Layer. For this ecard, I opened the email with the attached .PNGs, tapped one, and selected Save [X] Images to load them into my Photos. Select the layer with content you want to animate. Select the animation mode you want, and use Controls and Advanced Controls to customize size, speed, or opacity.

Once finished, you’ll want to send. Use Share for that. Choose from the various options and send.

Updated on October 13, 2017

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