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How to import images into SketchBook Motion

Use Import to Layer in SketchBook Motion to import images from your Photos to a layer in the Layer Editor. This is one of the most useful tools in Autodesk SketchBook Motion. You’ll probably find yourself using it for almost every scene.

To drag and drop files into a scene or the Gallery, see How to drag and drop.

Some users may be looking for a way to trace an image, use Import Image to load the image.

We recommend you import an image with a transparent background for the best results. Here is where it gets pretty cool – Autodesk SketchBook Motion can look at your image and clear away solid background areas to make them transparent for you! If you want this, select the option.

The only time you can move, scale, or rotate an imported image is upon import.

  • To move an imported image, tap-drag with one finger.
  • To scale an imported image, tap-drag with two fingers and either expand your fingers or pinch the screen.
  • To rotate an imported image, tap-drag with two fingers and pivot.
  • To reset the image to its original state, double-tap the screen.

From here, select a brush and start creating the animated content or take a look at the animation tools.

Importing images

  1. In the toolbar, select  Import/Share in SketchBook Motion, then  Use Import to Layer in SketchBook Motion to import images.
  2. Select an image for your Photos.
  3. The app will ask if you would like a solid background to be cleared. We recommend this. Tap Yes.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for placing, scaling, and rotating the imported image.
  5. When finished, tap Place.
Updated on March 7, 2018

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