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How to import FlipBooks

The import FlipBooks tools are only available in SketchBook for Desktop.

Do you have a sequence of images, maybe from Maya or 3DMax, you want to bring into SketchBook? Use File > New FlipBook > New FlipBook From Image Sequence. You can import flattened PNG, JPG, and BMP images or layered PSD images.

Things to keep in mind

You can only import 1000 images/frames. A message will appear with the option to continue. If you select Import, SketchBook will only import the first 1000 images/frames of the sequence.

Also, if images are larger than 1620 x 1080, they will be resized. A message appears providing the new dimensions. It gives you the choice of opening and resizing them or cancelling the operation.

If you want to create a new FlipBook, see How to create FlipBooks (Pro).

Importing a sequence into an existing FlipBook

If you have images you want to add to a FlipBook, use Add Images as Frames.

    1. Select File > Open and select a .skba file to load the FlipBook into SketchBook.
    2. Select File > Add Images as Frames.
    3. Ensure Image Sequence is unchecked, so the images are added to a FlipBook and a new FlipBook of the sequence is not created.
    4. Tap Import as and select either Foreground or Midground.
    5. Tap Open.

Importing multiple images to create a sequence

Sometimes, you might want to import multiple images that are not the same file format or part of a sequence. To make a FlipBook from them:

  1. Select File > New FlipBook > New FlipBook From Image Sequence.
  2. Select multiple files.
  3. Ensure Import Sequence is unchecked.
  4. Tap Import as and select either Foreground or Midground.
  5. Tap Open.
Updated on May 2, 2018

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