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How to use SKETCH THIS

Learn how to use SKETCH THIS. Find out how to startselectsubmit, and resubmit a challenge. For SketchBook users who are trying SKETCH THIS for the first time, check out the section below.

Using Sketch This in SketchBook for Desktop

SketchBook for Desktop doesn’t include the SKETCH THIS feature.

Using Sketch This in SketchBook for Mobile

The first time you submit a challenge with SKETCH THIS, you will get this:

If you don’t have a free DeviantArt account, fill in the necessary information to set one up.

For first time using Sketch This, DeviantArt account creation

If you are already have a DeviantArt account, tap Sign In. In the next dialog, enter your credentials
and tap Sign In.

How to join DeviantArt Sign in to your DeviantArt account

Once you do either of these, check the box to authorize access to your DeviantArt account for submitting any challenges. Tap Authorize App.

Authorizing the appp to connect to your account

After that, select an orientation, enter whatever content you want, and tap Submit. A message will appear letting you know if your submission was successful. Tap Done.

Successfully submitted

How to log out and into your account

Logging into your accounts

To log out or look at your information, next to either your name or DeviantArt, tap Log Out.

To log in or out of DeviantArt, next to DeviantArt, tap Log in or Log Out.

Using Sketch This in SketchBook for Windows 10

SketchBook for Windows 10 doesn’t include the SKETCH THIS feature.

Updated on October 11, 2017

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