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How to log into SketchBook

Are you wondering why you need to log into SketchBook? You’ve opened the app and there are tools there. Well, you are probably running the free version. If you purchased a subscription or the Pro Tools, you need to log in to load your “entitlement” and the Pro tools. Here are instructions for logging into SketchBook:

Logging into SketchBook for Desktop

My Account menu in SketchBook for Desktop

In the toolbar, tap My Account and select:

  • Sign In – if your trial has expired, sign in to access the free toolset. 
  • Log In Pro subscribers need to use the same username and password used when purchasing their subscription. Once they’ve done this, the toolbar will change and along the top of the canvas, it will read, Pro Subscription.

If you’re having issues logging in, see Login issues and Subscription: I am having problems with Sign up/Login or seeing my entitlement properly… what can I do?

Logging out

To log out of SketchBook and the subscription version, in the toolbar, tap My Account and select Sign Out.

Logging into SketchBook for Mobile

Access the Login page to log into your subscription Pro Tools. Though you’ve bought a subscription, if you haven’t logged in, you will still be running in free mode (which only has 4 tools in the Tools menu for Android, 32-bit iOS, and 64-bit iPhone users).

To log in and get the most out of SketchBook, tap Main menu icon in the mobile version of Autodesk SketchBook, then Log in icon for the SketchBook for mobile version Log in, and follow the instructions. When you look in your Tools menu:

  • iOS 9 users will have 9 tools
  • iOS 10 iPhone users will have 10 tools
  • Android and iOS 10 iPad users will see more tools in the toolbar

If you haven’t signed up for a subscription, check out this article to see what you’re missing.

Logging into SketchBook for Windows 10

When you launch SketchBook, you will be in the free mode. Your toolbar will look like this:

free version's toolbar

You’ll only have one layer (the canvas), Undo and Redo, the pucks, and Brush Palette.

If you have a subscription, and want to use the subscription version will all the bells and whistles, do the following:

1. Select File icon > My Account icon.

2. Enter the email or username you used when you subscribed and tap NEXT.

sign into account

3. Enter the password you created with you subscribed and tap SIGN IN.

password for sign in

4. If the next screen says, “Login Successful!“, you know the process was a success.

successful login

The toolbar will change, displaying the Pro toolset.

Subscription toolbar

What happens if the login wasn’t successful?

Don’t give up. Your subscription may have expired, there could be an issue with the server, or your account. Here’s what you can do:

Updated on November 3, 2017

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