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How to add layers

Whenever you want to create new content and have it live separately from everything else, you will need to create layers (add layers).

  • If you want to create a layer above an existing layer, select the existing layer, then add the new layer. It will appear above.
  • If you add a layer and it isn’t in the order you want, you can reorder your layers.

For anyone using the free version, you will be limited to 3 layers for Desktop and Mobile and 1 for Windows 10, so at some point you won’t be able to continue adding layers. When this happens, look at merging layers with finished content to free up a layer.

For subscriber, the number of layers is device dependent, meaning that if you have a super powerful device, you will have more layers. Smaller canvases will give you more layers than massive canvases, due to the demands placed on the device.

For Mobile users, see the article, SketchBook Mobile: Maximum layers and canvas size?, to get an idea of the number of layers available to you.

Adding a layer in SketchBook for Desktop

To add a layer to your sketch, do either:

  • From the toolbar, tap to access the Layer Editor (if not visible), then select the layer, tap-hold Radial marking menu and flick New Layer icon.

Adding a layer using the radial menu

  • For subscribers, besides using the layer marking menu, from the toolbar, you can also tap to access the Layer Editor (if not visible), then tap Other New Layer icon in the Layer Editor of SketchBook or tap Layer menu icon in SketchBook and select New Layer.

Adding a layer in SketchBook for Mobile

The Free version is limited to a maximum of 3 layers.

To add a layer to your sketch, in the Layer Editor:

  1. In the Layer Editor, tap a layer to select it.
  2. At the top of the editor, tap . In both the canvas and Layer Editor, the new layer appears above the other layers and becomes the active layer.

Layers in SketchBook for Mobile for handheld devices

To reposition it, see How to reorder layers.

Adding a layer in SketchBook for Windows 10 (Pro)

The free version of Autodesk SketchBook for Windows 10 is limited to one layer, so it doesn’t have an Add option.

Exclusive to the subscription version
There are a few ways to add a layer. See below for different options.

When a layer is created, the new layer appears above the previously active layer. In the canvas, the new layer appears on top of the other layers.

To reposition a layer, see Reordering layers in SketchBook for Windows 10 (Pro).

  • In the current selected layer, tap-hold radial menu to access the radial menu. Swipe and select add to create a new layer.
  •  In the Layer Editor, tapLayer menu icon to access the Layer menu and select Add Layer to create a new layer.
  •  In the Layer Editor, tap to create a new layer.
Updated on November 8, 2017

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