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How to hide UI elements in SketchBook Motion

When working in Autodesk SketchBook Motion, there will be times when you will want to hide UI elements. An example is when you are showing your scene to a coworker, but will continue to work on it. You want them get the full effect, without the UI distracting them. Turn off the UI, so your work is the focal point.

Use Fullscreen icon in SketchBook MotionFullscreen mode to go between full screen with no UI and regular view, which displays the UI.

Hiding all the UI

In the toolbar, tap Fullscreen icon in SketchBook Motion to hide the UI.

When you want to get back to working on your scene, in the toolbar, tapShow UI icon in SketchBook Motion to display the UI again.

Full UI in SketchBook Motion

Hide UI elements in Autodesk SketchBook Motion

If you display the UI and you still can’t find something, such as your pucks, see Basic UI elements. In the Desktop versions, all UI can be toggled on and off using options in the Window menu.

Updated on October 24, 2017

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