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How to fix an email typo in your SketchBook account

When creating your SketchBook account and entering your email, did you make an email typo? If so, this will explain why you haven’t received a confirmation/welcome email from SketchBook. However, don’t fear. This is an easy thing to remedy.

This solution will ONLY work if you know your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can log a ticket to us and we can help resolve this.

Fixing a typo in your SketchBook account email

1. Go to https://accounts.autodesk.com.
2. Tap SIGN IN.

The Sign In button for accessing your SketchBook account - email typo

3. Enter the INCORRECT email address.

Log in for SketchBook account - where you enter your email

4. Enter your password.

SketchBook account password dialog

5. Click on the Edit Profile button.

6. Tap the security settings tab, then Change Email, enter the correct email address, and tap Save Email.

Correcting the email address attached to your SketchBook account

7. Go to https://www.sketchbook.com and login using your new email address.

Updated on May 2, 2018

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