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Finding SketchBook tutorials

We have heard from a lot of you that you want tutorials. The issue seems to be that you cannot find them. Here are some suggested tutorials. You can also find SketchBook YouTube videos at:

For tutorials on different platforms and topics, visit Tutorials.

Tutorials for SketchBook for Desktop

This section contains links to how-to tutorials and videos. They cover an assortment of tools. Learn some advanced workflows and techniques! Enjoy!

Painting and brushes

Sketching and lineart



For a tutorial on how to create a motorcycle in 20 minutes, check out this video:

Tutorials for SketchBook for Mobile

This section contains links to tutorials and videos that cover an assortment of tools. If you want to learn some advanced workflows and techniques, check these out. For this content and even more, check out the SketchBook blog. Enjoy!

Spotlighted artists

Here is a list of YouTube tutorials for SketchBook for Mobile:

Tutorials for SketchBook for Windows 10

Here are some tutorials for SketchBook for Windows 10:

Tutorials for SketchBook Motion

Here is a list of tutorials for SketchBook Motion:

Updated on March 7, 2018

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