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I can’t find my editors or other UI elements or they are appearing elsewhere

If you either can’t find an editor or other UI elements or they are on one monitor, while your canvas is on the other, check the sections below for a solution for the platform you’re on.

For SketchBook for Desktop users

UI elements missing or on another screen - background desktop graffiti by Poser

  1. In the menu bar, select Window > Default Layout. This will centralize things.

    Window menu in SketchBook showing Default Layout for restoring your editors and other UI elements
  2. Next, either open the editors you need through the toolbar or by selecting them from the Window menu.

    UI elements now contained to one screen and within the canvas of the app in SketchBook
    The places you can go to display UI elements in SketchBook

Also, check out Customizing your desktop for solutions to other interface issues and how to customize your layout and the Forum for the latest issues.

For SketchBook for Mobile users

If you use SketchBook on a tablet or phone and can’t see editors or other parts of your UI, tap Hide UI in the SketchBook for mobile version. This unhides your UI. See How to hide your UI for more details.

For tablet users, when you’re UI is hidden, you’re in Rapid UI mode. See Rapid UI mode for more details.

For SketchBook for Windows 10 users

When your editors and UI are hidden, you have entered Fullscreen mode. See Using Fullscreen mode for how to exit out of it.

If you can’t find individual UI elements, use UI Toggle in SketchBook for Windows tablet UI Toggle, which contains options for accessing the editors. see Showing/hiding some UI for more details.

Updated on December 8, 2017

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