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How to duplicate scenes (Pro)

Not available to Free users

If you want to create variations of a scene? Instead of remaking the file, why not duplicate scenes, instead! This way, you can make copies, then open one and explore a new direction, while preserving the original scene.

Making a duplicate (Pro)

Not available to Free users

Duplicate scenes in SketchBook Motion

To duplicate a scene, you need to use Select. This means you can select multiple scenes and create duplicates of all these scenes in one shot.

  1. In the toolbar, selectMenu icon in SketchBook Motion and select Gallery icon in SketchBook Motion to access the Gallery.
  2. In the Gallery, along the top of the screen, tap My Scenes. The screen changes to see all the scenes you’ve created.
  3. Tap Select, then the scene you want duplicated to select it.My Scene with Select in SketchBook Motion
  4. Tap More icon containing Duplicate and Rename in SketchBook Motion and then choose Duplicate.Duplicate in SketchBook Motion

Use Rename to help identify the copies from the original.

Updated on March 7, 2018

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