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Color Editor

The Color Editor contains a color wheel for selecting a color, color picker for grabbing a color, transparent color for creating a custom eraser, and buttons for accessing HSL, RGB, and Randomize (certain versions) sliders, and the color swatches. Some versions also have an option for accessing the Copic Color Library.

Show/hide parts of the editor

In the different versions of SketchBook, sections of the editor can be hidden to reduce the amount of canvas space taken up. When a section is needed, just unhide it. Some versions use arrows arrow  for accessing parts of the editor. Others have bars that can be dragged up or down to expose more or less of the editor. Others use buttons, such as Show/hide sliders and   to show/hide sections.

Color Editor in SketchBook for Desktop

If you are a Mac user, you now have your choice of color editor: the default and system.

Default Color Editor

Default Color EditorThe default Color Editor is what all users see when they first launch SketchBook.

For Mac users, if you want to switch from the system to the default Color Editor, select SketchBook > Preferences > General, then select Use default Color Editor.


1. Color Wheel – Saturation/Luminance Slider
2. RGB, HSL, Randomize
3. RGB sliders
4. Customized palette
5. Show/Hide
6. Swatch (current color)
7. Color Picker
8. Color Wheel – Hue
9. Transparent Color

System Color Editor

For Mac only

System Color EditorThe system Color Editor is the return to the old Color Editor many Mac users loved and missed. To switch over to it, select SketchBook > Preferences > General, then select Use system Color Editor.

1.  Tabs (various methods for picking colors):

hue or tints  Choose a hue or tints and the value (light).
color gradients  Specify a color using color gradients, such as gray scale, RGB, CMYK, or HSB values.
lists of colors  Choose from a lists of colors (Apple, Developer, Crayons, Web Safe), or create your own list.
color from a spectrum of hues and values  Choose a color from a spectrum of hues and values.
48 colors displayed as a box of crayons  Pick from 48 colors displayed as a box of crayons.

2.  Swatch (current color)
3.  Slider
4.  Customized palette
5.  Color Wheel
6.  Magnifying glass (color picker)

Accessing the Color Editor

To access the Color Editor, tap Open Color Editor icon or select Window > Color Editor.

Lagoon with Open Color Editor icon

Color Editor in SketchBook for Mobile

For SketchBook v.4.0 or above users

The device you’re using (handheld verses tablet) will determine the design of the editor you will see. The differences are subtle, but necessary due to the limited screen size of some handheld devices. There is no difference in the features available, though.

For SketchBook 4.0 or above tablet users

Along the top is the option for accessing the Copic Color Library (see #7 below).
1. Access Color Wheel
2. Transparent Color
3. Saturation/Brightness
4. Hue
5. Sliders
6. HSB/RGB/Swatch/Randomize
7. Access Copic Color Library (Pro)
8. Color Picker
9. Previous/Current color

For SketchBook v.4.0 or above handheld device users

The sliders and color swatches appear in their own panel of the editor, replacing the color wheel. Tap the icons at the bottom of the panel to access them. To return to the color wheel, tap Color Editor icon. To exit the editor, tap the x.

The iPhone version of the Color Editor in the mobile version of Autodesk SketchBookThe Color Swatch panel in the mobile version of Autodesk SketchBookThe HSL sliders in the iPhone mobile version of Autodesk SketchBook

How to access the Color Editor

Here are a few ways to access the editor:

    • In the Layer Editor, tap Color Editor icon, then tap the current color at the top.
    • If your UI is hidden, in Rapid UI mode, tap-hold the Trigger and drag to select Color Editor from the menu that appears.
    • From the Double Puck (found in the marking menu), tap the bottom half to open the Color Editor.

For SketchBook v.3.7.4 or below users

The editor contains a color wheel for selecting a color, color picker for grabbing a color, and sliders for setting RGB and HSB values. Flip the panel to access color swatches and create a custom library of color.

Color Editor labelled

1. Copic Color Library
2. Color Picker
3. Saturation/Brightness
4. Transparent Color
5. Swatches
6. Close Color Editor
7. Hue
8. HSB/RGB/Randomize/Swatch toggle
9. Previous/Current color

You also have access to the Copic Color Library. Colors created in the Color Wheel can be stored as swatches for future use. See Color Palettes.

Color Editor in SketchBook for Windows 10

SketchBook for Windows Tablet Color Editor - labelled

Hiding slider or swatches

Do you just want to work with the Color Wheel and don’t need the sliders or swatches? If so, tap Show/hide sliders to show/hide the sliders and swatches for the swatches.

Show/hide Color Mode sliders  Show/hide swatches in SketchBook for Windows Tablet

Returning to the Color Puck

In the Color Editor, to return to the Color Puck, tap .


Updated on May 2, 2018

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