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How to modify or cancel my SketchBook subscription

We value your business and don’t want to lose you! We hope these solutions and suggestions might get you to reconsider your cancellation.

  • You’re having technical issues – We have excellent 1:1 customer support. Submit a ticket, so we can help you through the issue and get you back to sketching. We also have a forum for asking questions and getting answers.
  • You don’t use SketchBook – You may need some inspiration. Everyone can visit the SketchBook Gallery, which showcases a variety of SketchBook users’ work. There is also the blog and the tutorials. These can help you get to the next level.If you have the mobile version, try a Sketch This challenge (found under (Use Sketch This) File icon in the SketchBook for mobile version > Sketch This icon in the SketchBook for mobile version SKETCH THIS).
  • There aren’t enough features – We sure hope this is just that you’re in the free version. If so, here is how to load the Pro subscription tools. If not, please submit a ticket and let us know what features you think we’re missing.

If you still want to cancel your subscription, since the cancellation process is different, depending on where you purchased your subscription, select the appropriate purchase location for instructions:

Oops! I tapped the Cancel Renewal button by mistake

If you accidentally tapped the Cancel Renewal button, don’t fret. The button changes to Activate Renewal. Tap it to turn your renewal back on.

Modifying and canceling your subscription using www.sketchbook.com

For customers who have purchased a subscription from www.sketchbook.com, you will be able to modify a monthly subscription to yearly or cancel your subscription, using your Account Settings. The change will be applied once your current subscription expires. 

  1. On the main SketchBook page, tap LOG IN and enter your username and password. This area changes to display a user icon and your email address.
  2. In the upper right corner,tap your email address and select ACCOUNT SETTINGS from the menu that appears.
  3. In Account Settings, scroll down to Next Billing Date.

If you have a yearly subscription, you will see Cancel Renewal. Tap it to turn off auto-renewal. A screen appears with options to help us understand why you’re cancelling your subscription. Once you’ve selected a reason, select either Keep My Subscription or Cancel Renewal. Your subscription will be cancelled as of your next billing date.

Cancelling your subscription

If you have a monthly subscription, you will see the Upgrade to Yearly Subscription. If you want to change your subscription term from monthly to yearly, tap Upgrade to Yearly Subscription. If you want to cancel your subscription, tap Cancel Renewal.

SketchBook monthly subscription options

Canceling your subscription using the Mac App Store

iTunes logoFor Mac App Store (iTunes) customers, you need to modify your subscription settings via your iTunes account.

Canceling your subscription using the Google Play Store

Google Play logoFor Google Play customers, you need to modify your subscription settings via your Google Play account.

Check out this video by David from support to see how to do this:

Canceling your subscription using the Windows Store

For Windows Store customers, you need to modify your subscription settings via your Windows Store account.

Windows Store cancellation screen

Cancelling your subscription or trial

By default, you will automatically be charged for the next month or year. To change your Renewal settings, login and go to your Account Settings.

Updated on October 23, 2017

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