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Autodesk SketchBook Tools

We have an assortment of sketching tools to help you create your image. The version of SketchBook you are running and whether you have a subscription or not determine the tools and location of these tools. In most versions, the main repository for tools is the toolbar.

Using tools

When a tool is active, it is blue. Did you know the tools in SketchBook can be used alone

Toolbar showing Symmetry selected

or in combination with others? What does it mean when a tool is outlined in blue? This means there are two tools active; however, it is the secondary tool.

Tolbar showing Guides and Symmetry as secondary tool

Using multiple tools

For an example of two active tools, let’s say you’re in Symmetry, but want to draw a straight line.

Toolbar showing Symmetry selected

Select Guides, then Ruler, and you are all set. Notice how Symmetry is still outlined in blue and is now the secondary tool. Notice how Guides is full blue? It’s the active tool.

Toolbar showing Ruler selected as the main tool and Symmetry as a secondary one

Exiting a tool

Now, what happens when you’re finished with one tool, but not the other? Easy – tap on the tool you’re finished with, say Symmetry.

Toolbar showing Symmetry with Guides as secondary

This makes it active (full blue). Tap it again to exit from the tool. Notice it no long has a blue outline. Now, Ruler is the only active tool (full blue).

Toolbar showing Guides with Ruler

Tools in SketchBook for Desktop

There are fill, guide, symmetry, and text tools, as well as cropping, transform, distort, perspective, drawing, and stroke tools. There are also an assortment of editing tools.


The toolbar in the subscription version of SketchBook for Desktop

Tool selection

Pick a tool using one of the following methods:

  • Use the marking menus – right-click and flick toward an icon to select it.

Marking menu example

  • Touch the stylus to an icon and hold, then flick through a tool.

Color menu with selected option

  • Tap a tool the toolbar to select it.

Toolbar in the SketchBook Pro version

  • Some tools have a contextual toolbar containing additional editing and transform tools.

Toolbar in the SketchBook Pro version and its secondary menu

Tools in SketchBook for Mobile

The version of SketchBook you are running and device determine the tools and location of these tools.

Toolbar in the subscription 64-bit iOS version of SketchBook

What if I only see 4 tools?

If you only see 4 tools under Tools icon (the Tools menu), this means you are running an older version of SketchBook.

IMPORTANT  Before updating to a new version of SketchBook, backup your work to the cloud or another location. Never delete the app without backing up your work first. Failure to do so could result in the permanent loss of your work.

Also, if you can’t find a version of SketchBook in the App Store, that indicates your device or OS is not supported by the App Store. Before updating the OS, check to see if your current version of SketchBook supports that OS. If not, updating the OS will make it impossible to access your version of SketchBook and possibly your work.

Once you’ve followed the recommendations above, download the latest version of SketchBook from your app store of choice, then log into the app with your Autodesk account username and password. If you don’t have an Autodesk account, you can create one when you launch the app or try the trial for 7 days.

Tools in SketchBook for Windows 10


Subscription version of SketchBook for Windows 10

Updated on May 1, 2018

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