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How to add files to your iPad into SketchBook Motion

Want to add files to your iPad? Is there someone who wants to share their scene files with you, so you can work on them? They can transfer their files to a computer. Now, you just have to get those files and add them to your iPad.

Adding files to your iPad

1. Ask the sender to attach their iPad to a computer with iTunes. They will need to follow the steps in Transferring files to your computer.

2. Once you have the file (.dracoscene ) from them, unzip it, if zipped.

3. With your iPad plugged into a computer with iTunes open, containing the file, tap iPad icon (the iPad icon).

iTunes app UI to add files to SketchBook Motion

4. In the list to the left, click Apps.

App selected in the iTunes UI

5. Under File Sharing, scroll down and tap SketchBook Motion.

Select SketchBook Motion for iTunes

6. Drag the .dracoscene file onto the SketchBook Motion Documents section (far right). Now, when you open your Gallery icon in SketchBook Motion Gallery, the project will appear in My Scenes.

Updated on June 6, 2018

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