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Bring your work to life with animation tools in Autodesk SketchBook for Desktop.
  • Animation

    SketchBook for Desktop and SketchBook Motion are the only versions of SketchBook with animation tools. However, before we get into...
  • How to create FlipBooks (Pro)

    Learning to create FlipBooks is unbelievably fun! Imagine sending someone a sketch that comes to life. Create cell animation, a...
  • How to use the Timeline (Pro)

    For animating, use the timeline to add, duplicate, move, insert, rearrange, clear, or delete keyframes. Scrub through or playback your animation,...
  • How to display multiple keyframes (Pro)

    Use the Ghosting tools to see multiple keyframes. See the next frames and/or previous ones.The Ghosting tools (number 4) are part of the FlipBook Timeline....
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