WIP Wednesday: Live Featured on Twitch

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We hope you enjoyed our first episode of WIPWednesday over on Twitch. We loved having you! It’s Wednesday again, so we’re back on air at 9 a.m. PDT with a whole new group of half-finished featured art from the community.

If you didn’t know, WIPWednesday is a SketchBook tradition dating back to ancient times — nearly three years ago. We started off by asking our followers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share what they’re working on. Over at the DeviantArt SketchBook group we took it one step further by featuring a few entries from the group every week. And now, we’re doing it live on Twitch!

Last week I explained how your art can be featured on Work-In-Progress Wednesdays. There’s three simple steps:

  1. Sign up for DeviantArt. Join our official group.
  2. Submit your SketchBook-made WIPs, sketches, and in-progress shots to our SketchBook group.
  3. Check out my mini video tutorial on how to do that here.

Watch live video from autodesksketchbook on
Here’s a teaser of our featured art for this week:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 8.24.42 AM


Did you already miss the live stream? Bummer. You can find the recording here. Look in the Past Broadcasts tab. Be sure to follow us on Twitch and click the little checkbox for notifications. Then you’ll always know when we’re live!

Gluten Free FAQ

How do I get featured in WIPWednesday?

First, sign up for DeviantArt and join our group! It’s free and super fun. Second, upload your sketches, WIPs, and progress shots made with Autodesk SketchBook to the main gallery! (Autodesk SketchBook art only — and keep it clean for all ages, kids!)

Why do I have to use SketchBook?

Our DeviantArt group’s purpose is to collect and celebrate SketchBook art. I hope you can understand it wouldn’t make sense to add other artwork. But maybe you use a combination of tools that include SketchBook. If so, you’re welcome to upload!

I submitted something but I don’t see it.  ?

Our selections for WIP art is picked in advance, so you might turn up in the future way after your original post. Also choices are picked at random, and not everyone will be chosen. Keep submitting different art all the time, and you might get lucky!

I want to marry SketchBook!

That’s not a question and you can’t marry an application. I’m very sorry.