Sketch to Polish: Drawing with Wacom Intuos Pro

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drawing with intuos devices
Do you draw on a tablet or draw on a screen? We get a lot of questions from users at events, on our regular Twitch broadcasts, and on our Facebook Page from people who are trying to figure out which type of device they should be drawing on. Many people start drawing digitally with whatever they have at hand — an iPhone, an iPad, a computer mouse —  but they gradually try new options until they find the right combination of digital “pen and paper” that works best for them. If you’re still trying to decide between drawing on a desktop tablet or a glass screen, you’ll be happy to know that both work great.

Lately, we’ve been giving the Wacom Intuos Pro a test run, and we’ve been recording what we make. It’s our way of showing some of the differences between the two types of drawing environments. We just finished our third video in the series, Wacom and SketchBook: Sketch to Polish. If you haven’t seen any of the other two and are considering buying this kind of device, take a look and see how they work with SketchBook:

  • Part 1: Under Pressure explores your pressure sensitivity options using an Intuos Pro. Some brushes in SketchBook are built to be pressure sensitive when a device like the Intuos Pro is connected, but some default brushes — like the ballpoint pen — don’t show any pressure sensitivity. They’re made to mimic real-life drawing tools that may not really have pressure sensitivity in real life. But if you use an Intuos Pro and want to add pressure sensitivity to any brush it’s easy to do. This video shows you how we changed a few brushes to take advantage of that sensitivity everywhere.
  • Part 2: Press the Button shows you how you can customize the Express Keys — the buttons on the sides of your tablet and pen — to be a shortcut for anything you prefer. We also show you how we like to do it. These keys are unbelievably handy. You should definitely try out a few different options if you’ve never used one of these before. You’re going to save yourself tons of time.

And today we have the last video in our three-part series. In Sketch to Polish we take you from the beginning of a sketch, to laying down our line art, all the way through to coloring.

Want to try it out yourself?

Download a copy of the high res line drawing, pop it into SketchBook, and work your way through your own version of this lovely lady. Here’s how we did it, sped up:

GIF drawing sketchbook