Trent’s Tips: Creating *Insane* Color Effects

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“Dudes. What’s happening?” That’s how Trent Kaniuga usually starts his YouTube videos. And I love it. He’s not just fun, friendly, and entertaining. He really knows his stuff, especially when it comes to character design. He’s most definitely worth following on YouTube if you want to learn how to draw better concept or character art. He’s always sharing smart advice like this video for creating INSANE Color Effects with SketchBook Pro:

Why You Should Draw First & Color Later

One thing that Trent sometimes does is work solely in black and white until he’s essentially completed all of his line work and shading.

sketchbook pro concept art
When Trent draws an elaborate character like this one, it can take up to 10 hours to finish. | Trent Kaniuga

In the world of design — web design or print design or any design that deals with images and text mashed together — a best practice is to separate content (what it says) from presentation (how it looks) during the design process. The same might be said for drawing characters for video games or comics. By eliminating coloring from your process until you’ve essentially completed the drawing you can truly focus on making your coloring the best it can be. And you can get extra creative with it. Trent shows you how he tackles what he calls “bonkers level” coloring all the way up to “Super Saiyan” level coloring, combining multiple colors using the Color Balance tools in SketchBook. Another great tip from Trent.

Get Trent’s Brush Set

If you like Trent and all that he does, consider buying his SketchBook Brush Pack 2017. It has all of the same brushes he uses in his YouTube videos, and throwing him $5 in the process (or more if you’re feeling generous) will help him continue to make these wonderful videos.

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