Trent Kaniuga’s Cloud Strife Redesign (FF VII)

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Trent Kaniuga Cloud Strife Banner

Our good friend Trent Kaniuga is back with another fantastic character design video walkthrough using SketchBook. This time in honor of the Final Fantasy VII Remake he has taken the classic hero Cloud Strife and drawn a head to toe redesign with a bonus line drawing background of characters Tifa and Aerith.

Trent Kaniuga Cloud Strife

Trent has also created a great video companion to the final art work. Unlike one of his classic tutorials, Trent has a more wistful tone as he reminisces on the ripped jeans, Pearl Jam & DiscMan days of the 90s when he first played Final Fantasy VII. His passion for the original really comes through when he talks about getting back to the roots of the character design. He shows how by pulling the patterns for the Buster Sword off a variety of games that Cloud has been featured in (Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros. etc) he can stay true to the character while taking the design in a new direction.

This video is great for the tips Trent gives to us on how to improve as an artist. He goes through the way you can use SketchBook to improve; bringing in reference pictures, using the ruler tool and sketching multiple figure studies before starting your final piece. He also talks candidly about how his art has changed over the years and how practice has helped him become a better artist. He also extolls the virtue of constructive criticism and friendly feedback. How a different perspective can help your work.

This is a really interesting video and a great character redesign, thanks Trent. You can watch the video below:

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