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inktober wrap up favorite best drawings

October is the best time of year — there’s fall weather, Halloween, and our month long drawing challenge. This year we switched it up and participated in Jake Parker’s Inktober. Check out some of our favorites of 2016 in this video tribute:

Here are links to all of our featured friends in our wrap-up video. You should check out more of their work. They’re talented!

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But wait — there’s more! Even though we’re a digital art program, some of our community still chose to draw traditionally. Here’s some of our favorite analog pieces from SketchBook regulars:

Hudson Rio shared this great Hurley for the prompt “Lost”:


Our personal Hero Scott Robertson never fails to amaze, whether it’s building his own custom truck or sketching for Inktober:


SketchBook community member Ogre-Mask had so many to pick from. You’re a machine! This one stood out above the rest:


Thank you to everyone who particpated. You should be proud of all the amazing work and dedication you put into this challenge. See you next year!