Stranger Things Poster Fan Art: Our Own + Our Favorites

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stranger things

In a matter of weeks, Stranger Things has taken over fan art. If you haven’t already watched the Netflix series that’s practically an 8-hour Steven Spielberg movie, we predict you eventually will. And you’ll love it. It’s really that good. The series borrows proudly and generously from John Carpenter and Steven King movies, but it isn’t the gore or scare fest you might be afraid of. It’s more of a psychological thriller with extra-dimensional and psychic overtones, which, in this age of never-ending, cookie-cutter superhero movie franchises is pretty refreshing.

Speedpaint video in SketchBook

We’ve been breathlessly watching all of the fan art that people have been making around this show and squeeing at all the creative things that pop up. Our own Kyle Runciman found this old process VHS footage in a box untouched for what must have been two decades. Figure we’d share it with you. It’s a speedpaint video that tackles the main crew of characters in the show:  Lucas, Will, Eleven, and Dustin.

Stranger Things focus on characters

To us (and we talk about this show a lot at the SketchBook office) what makes the show so winning is its characters. When since The Goonies have you seen a cast of middle-school-aged characters leading a storyline that’s aimed at a general audience? For that matter, how long has it been since a quality piece of entertainment came down the pike that could sport a “G” rating that everyone in the whole family could actually enjoy? To my mind, this is the real success of Stranger Things. It shies completely away from sex and violence and focuses on portraying great character moments. It’s a joy to watch and clearly a joy for fans of the show. The art people are creating is staggeringly good.

stranger things eleven
Kyle Runciman’s final Stranger Things fan art of the crew. Only thing missing is a 20-sided die.

A few of our favorite posters

In particular, there are a lot of people making their own poster art, usually in the vein of Hollywood collage character ensemble style posters. we wanted to share a few of our favorites — as well some of the places you can go to find more of this lovely art or even purchase what we consider to be the best of the best… so far.

kyle lambert original art for stranger things
The original poster art was drawn by Kyle Lambert, who is well known for using iPads to create stunning artwork. His amazing poster art set the stage for all the tributes that have come since. We love how his line drawing looks like a real coloring book page. Check out more of his art on his portfolio site.


stranger things fan art from independent artists and deviant art
Artist Barret Biggers got straight to work and created this stunning poster (left), which you can purchase  from his Etsy store. You’ll find tons of great fan art on DeviantArt, like this emotional speedpaint of Eleven underwater (top right) from Tsabo6. Artists like Luis Burgos have created some great character studies. We really love it when they incorporate details like notebook paper backgrounds.


stranger things collage poster art
You can buy this amazing Eleven/Demogorgon upside-down poster (left) by Michael Regina from his online store. Be sure to check out all the other amazing posters he’s made for his favorite movies and show. Matt Ferguson had the first upside-down poster art we saw, and it’s still one of the best. We love his silhouetted take on it. Finally, Thomas Walker makes amazing one- and two-color posters like this lost bicycle poster for all kinds of other great pop culture entertainment.


Even the most minor of characters in this series is getting reverential fan art treatment. Dustin, here done as watercolor by Pauline Jane Palita (left) and as quick-draw illustration by Marcelo Braga (right), is a fan favorite. But even fellow comic relief characters like Barb have a strong following. People have been making “Missing” posters of Barb, and this graffiti vigil is astounding! Even the boyfriend you’re set up to hate in the show, Steve, is represented, here by verauko on Deviant Art. I’m still waiting for fan art of the nerdaliscious teacher, Mr. Clarke. Bring it!

It’s only the beginning

And this is surely just the beginning. Clearly, this series was carefully conceived and storyboarded, and that makes it ripe for further fan art participation. Have you made any Stranger Things fan art, or do you have any favorites? Please point us to it by shouting out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or DeviantArt.