How to Draw Smoke: A Tutorial Created with SketchBook Pro on the iPad

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How to Draw Smoke and vapor

Is it hard for you to draw smoke? You could cheat by popping your drawing into Photoshop and faking it, but there is too much pride to be had in doing it well by hand. In actuality, it’s not that hard and like most things just takes a little practice. Here is a tutorial on How to Draw Smoke in SketchBook.

Sketching smoke can be tricky, but there are a few sure-fire techniques that you can use to make your smoke look, well, more smokey. This downloadable PDF tutorial will guide you through some basic steps to create the appearance of smoke or vapor in SketchBook Pro. It covers the tools and settings along with some special techniques to achieve the end result. No matter what level of SketchBook Pro user you are, these simple steps will have you recreating smoke in no time at all and learning new techniques to add to your repertoire.

Download the Shaun Mullen SketchBook Pro Smoke Tutorial and add some creative atmosphere to your drawings.

About Shaun Mullen

Shaun resides in a costal town in the U.K. and works on a British defense contract as a senior electrical commissioning engineer. In his spare time, he enjoys creating art… not just any art, but rich worlds with tremendous depth and detail.¬†Learn more about Shaun Mullen at