SketchBook Update: Predictive Stroke, Textured Brushes, SketchBook Extras

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We are thrilled to share news that the desktop versions of Autodesk SketchBook have just been updated. This update is for SketchBook for Mac (version 8.3) and SketchBook for Windows (version 8.3 for Windows and version 1.3 for Windows 10). You can download the update directly from our site if you need a copy. This update includes some pretty significant new features.

Now, when people tell you that drawing digitally is cheating — they’re actually kind of right.

You can now add paper textures to your custom brushes, and you can draw perfect ellipses, smooth curves, and straight lines without templates using the new Predictive Stroke option. You can also now download all of your favourite brush sets we release on the SketchBook blog from the new SketchBook Extras window inside the app. The Extras window is the place where we’ll be placing exclusive free content for SketchBook Pro subscribers going forward.

drawing perfect ellipses
Predictive Stroke is especially good at drawing perfect ellipses for things like these headphone cups.

Predictive Stroke: Help When You Want It

You’ll find a new icon between “Steady Stroke” and “Draw style” in the main toolbar. Predictive Stroke is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you knock out perfect ellipses, straight lines, and smooth curves. Desktop Updates: drawing lines using steady stroke and predictive stroke

The tool “corrects” your strokes by calculating an average of points along your initial line. It’s fancy math, and we won’t be able to give the tech details justice. Now, when people tell you that drawing digitally is cheating — they’re actually kind of right.Desktop Updates: ellipses drawn with different tools

Think this feature will be for you? Check out this video of Predictive Stroke in action:

New Brush Set: Texture Essentials

We’ve added a whole new aspect to brushes. You can now add texture to your brush strokes. To show you how these work, look for the new default set of brushes called “Texture Essentials” — it includes brushes Signature Ink, Pencil Pal, Soft Pastel, Speckled, Rough Charcoal, Dry Marker, Watercolor, Smooth Conte, Dusty Airbrush, and Square Eraser.

Desktop Updates: adding texture to brushes
All brush sets now have a Texture option so you can customize brushes even further.

How to Add Paper Texture

Ready to add some special new texture and try it out? This new addition can be found in Brush Properties (in the Advanced tab). Down in the Nibs section, you will now find options for Stamp and Texture. Your Texture can be imported or captured from the canvas to add grain or tooth to your brushes. With controls for Scale, Brightness, Contrast, Depth and a toggle for Per Tip, the options are virtually limitless. (It should be noted that brushes created with Paper Texture will not work with older desktop versions of SketchBook.)

Desktop Updates: paper textures
Here’s what our friend Mohammad was able to crank out with a few of these new Paper Texture brushes. It’s pretty easy to add a lot of texture to your brush strokes.

SketchBook Extras

SketchBook Extras is a new window that makes adding new brush sets to your Brush Library even easier. Exclusive free content made available to Pro subscribers will be featured in this window, including brushes. We will be hosting all of the best brush sets we’ve published here on the blog, and we’ll be adding new brushes to Extras as they are released.

Desktop Updates: sketchbook extras: all your free content
Look for the Extras window to download brush sets directly into the app.

You will be notified when new content is made available to SketchBook Extras, but we recommend you check in regularly to see what new free stuff you have access to as a SketchBook Pro subscriber. And definitely click on those “Learn More” links. We don’t just release brush sets and call it a day. There’s always some great art, explanations, and ideas for what to draw that accompany our brush sets. Make sure to update your desktop version of SketchBook to get all these new tools. As always, we look forward to see what you guys create so please tag your work #sketchbookpro when you share it.