SketchBook and SketchBook Motion for iOS 11

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It’s that time again. Time for an update of SketchBook and SketchBook Motion for iOS users. Today, we have an update of both SketchBook and SketchBook Motion.

Every upgrade of Apple’s iOS is a big deal, and this one is no different. The big functionality that Apple added to iOS 11 is “Files” which greatly improves the way users interact with images in our apps. Files is basically the new “Finder” app for iOS 11. Previously, iOS users had to use the somewhat buried iCloud options in different apps to move or retrieve images, but now there is a standardized way for apps to share files between each other the same way people are used to dealing with apps on their iPad or iPhone — by dragging and dropping them around.

Drag and Drop to Both Apps

SketchBook now supports drag and drop file sharing in iOS 11. You can drag an image from the SketchBook Gallery into other apps. Or, you can drag images from other apps into the SketchBook canvas to automatically add them to a new layer. This will let you more quickly assemble (or dissemble) complexly layered artwork.

Similarly, there is improved file compatibility for SketchBook Motion users. Bring in a fully layered SketchBook file by dragging it into the Gallery. Bring it in as a flat image by dragging it onto the canvas; it will become a new layer.

But the best part of this release is that now Motion supports the native SketchBook file format. You can send your SketchBook files directly to Motion to add animation. You can see in this video how some of the drag and drop action works:

The upshot is that both apps (which are both included in our subscription offering) will now work better — and better in tandem — with these dual iOS 11 updates.