SketchBook: Live from C2E2!

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c2e2 floor

We just wrapped up our appearance at C2E2 in Chicago, the comic book and pop culture convention. We love hanging out at these cons because they are hotbeds of creativity. Nearly everyone who attends is a lover of some kind of art, and some people are real superfans with strong, heartfelt allegiances to their favorite artists. They love talking about drawing, and we love hearing what they have to say.

We’re extremely happy at these events when someone shows up at our booth who has never really thought about making a switch from physical to digital drawing and discovers not just SketchBook but the joys of drawing on big, beautiful screens. Our friends at Wacom provided a boatload of devices to showcase SketchBook. There’s really nothing like drawing on a shiny new Intel® powered Cintiq Companion 2, Cintiq 27QHD Touch, Cintiq 22HD Touch, or Intuos Pro tablet. We also cracked open a bunch of Lenovo-provided ThinkPad P40 Yogas. We like these 2-in-1 laptops (a lot) because you can fold them completely backwards and make a flat tablet that’s ideal for drawing.

Some of our favorite artists stopped by the booth to draw and meet their own superfans including Ken Lashley (of Marvel, DC, and Hasbro fame), Natali Koromoto, and Ippus. When they finished a drawing, we were able to crank out some high-quality art prints for people to take home using the new SureColor P400 and SureColor P600 from Epson. Great hardware from our partners to show off our app. ?

These events have always been an excellent way for us to spotlight our favorite artists and meet and greet SketchBook users, but we’ve often wondered how we might broaden them to include people who don’t happen to be at the same convention we are on three particular days. How might we bring the rest of the SketchBook community to this event (apart from flying every last one of them to Chicago, of course). The answer for us? Twitch.

sketchbook on twitch

Twitch, if you’re not familiar with it, is the live-streaming service that’s more friendly and community-oriented than YouTube. Twitch has always been popular with gamers, but they expanded a few months back and introduced new creative channels. We’ve been having a blast hosting live drawing sessions lately, so we thought broadcasting live from C2E2 would be a fun way to include our greater community.

It sure was. The chat room filled up with people asking the artists how they got started drawing, how they go about creating their artwork, things like that. But — like all great communities with some soul and a sense of humor — the conversation eventually drifted. We dug into important topics like Taco Bell, the old Sega Saturn video game system, how great old Japanese RPG games from Square Enix used to be. Basically, the kind of stuff you talk about when you get together as a group and draw. Want to be part of the next Twitch session? Follow us on Twitch to be notified whenever we go live.

In addition to all of that, our Pixlr friends on the other side of the booth were showing off an Intel® RealSense™ 3D Depth laptop camera that cuts out the background from photos automatically. Pixlr — host of the C2E2 Crown Championship of Cosplay — also provided free photo shoots all weekend for cosplayers who wanted to capture their look for all time. Their photographer Michael Levy really outdid himself this time around.

A good time was truly had by all. Special thanks to Intel® for helping make this event a glowing success for our very creative SketchBook and Pixlr communities.