SketchBook for Windows 10 Update

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The SketchBook team is fast at work and happy to release a new update to SketchBook for Windows 10. Building on the update from earlier this year where we focused on specific needs for the Surface Studio, this update brings SketchBook for Windows 10 closer to the full desktop version of SketchBook.

Matching the Desktop Experience

This update to SketchBook for Windows 10 will help bring the experience up to that of the desktop version. In the update we have expanded the Symmetry tool to include the fantastic 16-section, Radial Symmetry tool. Most excitingly this version brings in the full range of selection tools to match the desktop collection. We want to provide the best tools available for all Windows devices, and this update gets us closer.

Selection Tools

The most helpful addition to SketchBook for Windows 10 is the inclusion of the full set of Selection Tools. Rectangular, Ellipse, Lasso, Polyline and the Magic Wand are all now in the Windows 10 version of SkectchBook. This will let you interact with and manipulate your image to a finer degree.


With these additions you will also be able to invert your selection, and add, remove, or replace aspects of it as well. This will let you test and adjust the composition of your scenes and postures of your figures throughout the drawing process. You won’t lose time if you realize the pose of your character’s weapon doesn’t match the angle of their shoulders after you have colored and shaded it; a quick selection, move and a bit of color blending will put it to rights.

Radial Symmetry

One of our true favorites here in the office and a fast favorite among users is the addition of Radial Symmetry to the Symmetry tool. Perfect for illustrating flowers, mandalas, rendering automotive parts and watch faces.

SketchBook for Windows 10 Update -Rotary Symmetry

Place the crosshairs of the symmetry tool where needed and dial in to how many segments of symmetry are needed, from 4 to 16 segments. Then whatever is drawn in one segment will propagate throughout the canvas in every segment. Shut the tool off and you can customize the details to lighten the symmetrical look in product designs or leave it on through out to get a flatter look perfect for art pieces.

There you have the small but mighty changes included in this update of SketchBook for Windows 10. You can get SketchBook for Windows10 on the Windows Store and don’t forget to update to the latest version of Windows 10 in order to make sure SketchBook runs efficiently. If you aren’t on Windows 10, we have a SketchBook version for nearly every device available just check out the site!