SketchBook for Mobile 3.7: Hide the UI

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sketchbook mobile app update

People love drawing on their tablets, particularly if they have a stylus and a device that supports palm rejection. Ever since we released SketchBook for mobile we’ve worked to make the app better. This week, we have another update for Android in the Google Play Store and iOS in the iTunes App Store. Most of the changes are fairly simple, but there is a neat option we think people will really like — especially people who draw with a stylus. Here’s what’s new:

  • Totally random: We added the Color Randomizer option to Android. This has always been in the iOS version, and while it’s a detail not a lot of people use, if you do use it regularly you probably love it. Now, you can love it on Android, too.
  • Purchase in-app: You can now purchase a SketchBook Pro subscription directly from the app with your Google Play or iTunes Store account. We know that purchasing things on your phone can be a pain if the company you’re buying from hasn’t optimized the process for you and your device. Now, we have. A SketchBook subscription unlocks SketchBook Pro features across all your devices, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android with a single purchase.
  • Hide the UI: This is the interesting one. If you’ve ever been drawing and found that the line you’re drawing is about to go right through (for example) the Layers menu, you probably had to stop in frustration, zoom out from your work, reposition the menu that’s in your way, and start over with that line. No longer. SketchBook will now sense when your hand is about to collide with the user interface. It will hide the UI while you draw through. The UI will wink back into existence when you’re done. Like magic!

That’s it! That’s what’s new in SketchBook 3.7. We hope you dig the UI hiding feature as much as we do.