Still Life with SketchBook Pro: iPad Tutorial by Susan Murtaugh

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susan murtaugh still life tutorial download PDF

Susan Murtaugh has been a long time user of SketchBook Pro for Mac, and she was one of the first users of the mobile and iPad versions. Not only is she incredibly talented, she is also an active member of our community of artists, always participating on forums and sharing her knowledge.

Susan has created a new SketchBook Pro for iPad tutorial called Exploring the New Digital, which is a step-by-step walkthrough that shows how she creates a still life piece.  The tutorial is a joy to read. It’s very comprehensive and packed with lots of smart techniques, tips, and tricks.  If you’re a new user of SketchBook Pro, you will definitely find this tutorial useful, but even if you’re an old hand it’s worth checking out because it explores still life and will surely give you an idea or two for creating your own still life art. 

The entirety of Exploring the New Digital is available on MagCloud for anyone who is looking to buy a nicely bound version, but Susan has generously provided a PDF version of a tutorial for SketchBook blog readers.  You can download the iPad Tutorial by Susan MurtaughThank you, Susan! Your still life art is lovely. 

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