SketchBook for Enterprise: Now Available in Autodesk Store

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sketchbook for enterprise

Today we release an updated version of SketchBook for Enterprise, adding a few minor details it had been missing. Most important for anyone using SketchBook for Enterprise is that all Enterprise users can now sign in and use their subscription on any device with their Autodesk ID.

SketchBook Pro vs. Enterprise: What’s the Difference?

Both of these subscriptions have the same features and capabilities, and you won’t see a visible difference. You still sign in the same way, too. The only real difference is in the licensing details. If you’re a regular everyday consumer user of SketchBook, you can purchase SketchBook Pro on a whim whenever you feel like it, but business users sometimes have more complicated buying needs. Corporations and organizations sometimes need to buy 10 or 20 or 100 licenses for their employees, perhaps without even knowing exactly which people will be using the app. They just know they need x number of licenses. Or, they may want to purchase for multiple years at a discount. Or they may prefer to use a purchase order system to buy a big batch of software and essentially say, “Bill me later — you already have all of my billing info because I buy other things from you.”

sketchbook for enterprise
SketchBook for Enterprise works just like SketchBook Pro. People just usually make different things with it like storyboards, prototypes, and product renderings.

We’re happy to report that now companies can do all of these things by purchasing SketchBook just like they would any other Autodesk software. SketchBook is often used in the early workflows of organizations that use software like AutoCAD, Inventor, Maya, etc., so we’re happy to now have our software be easily available for Autodesk customers in the Autodesk Store.