Introducing SketchBook for Education

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SketchBook free for students

SketchBook has made its way into the classroom over time, both by students who have taken to it and teachers who like the idea of teaching drawing in a digital way. As more and more schools have invested in iPads for their students, we’ve increasingly run into teachers at events who ask us, “How can I get a free copy of SketchBook for all of my students?” Many state and federal education budgets have been slashed to the bone, and sadly arts programs always seem to get cut first (and most). Teachers do so much good for the world and deserve a lot of support. Today we’re happy to announce a brand-new version of SketchBook made just for classroom environments.

SketchBook for Education is for art students of any age who are ready to go from doodling to shading to brush work and line art. It supports the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, but it also works with Wacom pens just like our other SketchBook versions. Of course, it’s also great for finger painting! SketchBook for Education contains tools to help you draw perfect squares and circles, and it sets you up with layers so you can show, hide, and merge your drawing elements.

With Scan Sketch, you can simply take a photo of a paper sketch and keep working on it in SketchBook for Education
With Scan Sketch, you can take a photo of a paper-based rough draft and finish it in SketchBook for Education.

Scan Sketch: a killer feature for teachers

SketchBook for Education has one very important feature that we know both teachers and students will enjoy. With Scan Sketch, you can use the iPad’s built-in camera to import sketches you’ve drawn on paper. This allows you to handily switch from a paper-based to digital workflow without losing any of your work. It’s a great way for people who like both paper and digital to get the best of both worlds. Scan Sketch is brand new, and it’s already getting a lot of great buzz from users. We think educators will find this to be a killer feature not just because it feels a little magical to see it in action. It’s also incredibly functional. It solves a problem that used to involve complicated scanner devices and serious Photoshop skills. It brings in all your line work and color and lets you choose to keep or remove the background — all from a simple photograph. Check out this video to see Scan Sketch in action.

Or, simply head over to the iTunes App Store and download a copy of SketchBook for Education and try it yourself.

Yes, it’s COPPA compliant

One reason educators have such a hard time finding software for their students (whether paid or free) is because schools almost always need to abide by COPPA rules. These are government-sanctioned privacy guidelines that can be tough for schools to meet. SketchBook for Education was made specifically with this in mind to ensure an age-appropriate experience. Users under the age of 13 won’t be able to create an account, use social sharing, or make any in-app purchases. But they will be able to harness their creativity and learn some skills that will be invaluable for the rest of their lives.