SketchBook for Beginners: Video Tutorial with Trent Kaniuga

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Are you just getting started with SketchBook and in need of a quick tutorial? When you start using any new application, whether it’s built for making spreadsheets or creating fine art, you can always benefit from a well-made walkthrough with a pro. Yet so many people just dive in without so much as a quick tip to go on. If you’re new to this, Trent Kaniuga and his SketchBook for Beginners tutorial has got you covered.

trent kaniuga drawing sketchbook beginner

SketchBook for Beginners Video from a Master

Trent has an impressive history, from creating his own indie comic book CreeD to working at Blizzard on some of the most famous video games ever like Diablo 3, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft. He’s also a pretty nice guy! We’re a huge fan of his work, and we especially love watching him work in SketchBook. In this video, he covers the basics for all you newbie artists out there. Get acquainted with the SketchBook interface, modify brushes, play with layer effects, and watch him render a simple sketch into an amazing piece of artwork. Then move on to another more advanced tutorial from Trent, his Concept Art tutorial.