SketchBook 8.2 for Desktop: Custom Hotkeys

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customize your hotkeys to match photoshop

Over time, we’ve had a lot of requests from people who use the desktop version of SketchBook who really like to customize their workspace. In particular, users wanted to be able to customize their keyboard shortcuts — aka “hotkeys.” So, we built that into the latest release of SketchBook 8.2, which we released a few days back. We have an updated help article that shows how you can start Creating Custom Hotkeys if you want to go step by step. But the process is pretty easy. Just head to the Preferences area, choose Hotkeys, select the key you want to change, and then simply type the new key into the Hotkey field.

custom hotkeys in SketchBook Pro

That’s it. It’s that easy. Now you can assign hotkeys, which is very handy. But before you do… consider this. You might want to stick with the default hotkeys, which will be the same no matter what computer you use. If you install SketchBook Pro on grandma’s computer or use a temporary one or buy a new computer — or whatever — the default hotkeys will, of course, always be the same.

Videos: How It Works

If you’re ready to give this new hotkey assignment process a go, our community manager Renee gave a quick tutorial on how to change and assign new hotkeys on our Twitch Channel the other day. Check it out if you want to visually see how this works:

It’s worth noting that SketchBook and Photoshop share some of the same default hotkeys, but some are different. The space bar in both pans/zooms, “L” is the Lasso in both. But some things are different. Bracket keys [] are for brushes in Photoshop, but B is for Brushes in SketchBook. If you prefer that SketchBook be exactly like Photoshop, you can now change it to be whatever you like. Renee talked about the differences between Photoshop and SketchBook hotkeys in a recent Twitch stream if you want a quick run-down of some of the most used hotkeys:

All the Default Hotkeys

Want a quick guide to all your hotkey options? We have a table at this URL that you can bookmark if you ever need a reference. It details all the hotkeys and shortcuts available in SketchBook for desktop.