Scan Sketch: Never Lose your Sketches Again

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The classic Napkin Sketch. A design department myth to some, but a reality to those of us whose hands can’t stop sketching. When you have that lightbulb moment, that perfect gesture or line and it’s on that most temporary of materials you can be understandably protective. Gone are your days of scrambling around to find a scanner to preserve your instant work or to transfer a more complex sketch from your drafting table to digital. Scan Sketch, the SketchBook App’s (iOS and Android) hidden gem of a feature is here to help you in your time of need.

Scan Sketch makes it super simple to get your analog sketches off those margins, napkins or out of your traditional sketchbooks and into the SketchBook App. You may have never heard of the Scan Sketch feature, it’s a bit hidden in the Gallery menu, but we think it’s a real game changer.

In App shot of ScanSketch

Scan Sketch can be a great tool in the iterative process too. The feature lets you elaborate on sketches made in meetings with clients faster, so the evolution of the design can take off. When brainstorming or speed sketching you can focus on the process and leave the pressure of digitizing the pieces to the App. You can pick and choose which of your perspectives to scan with a quick pinch and zoom at the end of your meeting or drawing session.

There’s no more importing a scan into another program and painstakingly erasing the paper. No lasso-ing of white space and trying to decide if that’s a shadow or a line…. Your days of squinting at a preliminary sketch pixel by pixel are gone! Just click a button and your paper disapears. You can just get down to business.

Here’s how it works:

Select the Scan Sketch feature in the App’s Gallery menu, adjust your settings and take a picture of your sketch straight on. Then, remove the background with one click of the transparency icon.Scan Sketch Transparency Feature

Next hit Done to save your sketch as a new project. Now you can build out on your original, you can layer below or above, adjust the transparency and manipulate it just as if you had started in App.

Here’s a look at Scan Sketch in action: