Project Draco Beta Invitation

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draco-animtedAutodesk’s Project Draco is a simple iOS iPad app that allows anyone to add animation effects to their drawings. You can use it with SketchBook! Instead of drawing each frame by hand, like in traditional animation,  a user can select pre-set motions.

Start by creating a still illustration, and place different elements of the image on different layers. Import your layered file into Draco and apply animation to objects or groups to make the image come to life. You can even make objects follow paths!


The simple dynamic effects were used in the image above to make the dragon breathe, birds fly, the water ripple and the leaves fall. It was easy, because they were created on different layers.

The team at Autodesk behind project Draco would like to invite you to give it a try! Sign up at the Autodesk Beta site, fill out a short survey and the team will contact you if you’re selected for the beta.

Click here to get started with Draco!


Once you’re in the beta, be sure to submit your drawing with hashtag #madewithdraco to the Project Draco Tumblr. The team is giving away prizes for some of their favorite pieces!


*** Project Draco is now SketchBook Motion and is available to all Pro subscribers!