Classic Movie Posters Featuring Captain America & Avengers

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Avengers Art

Phew. Comic book fans can rejoice. Captain America: Civil War is getting a much better reception (92% on Rotten Tomatoes) than the recent Batman vs. Superman movie (a dismal 28%). Whether you’re on Team Marvel or Team DC, the continued success of superhero movies as their own colossal genre means they’ll just keep making them. As they make them, they need art for their movie posters.

If you’re a fan of movie poster art, you should probably check out Alternative Movie Posters, a site that collects all kinds of fan art created in worship of movies. As you might imagine, some of their strongest showings of art are around science fiction, fantasy, and movies that originally came out of comic books. There’s quite a nice collection of Avengers movie poster art on the site that includes one of our favorite artists, Paul Shipper. They feature the Avengers poster he made for Comic Con.

Paul is known for his photorealistic movie posters, and the release of the new Captain America movie made us nostalgic for the time he drew that poster. What was particularly great about the poster (aside from how lovely the art is) was that he made it on the first generation of our SketchBook mobile app.  That means he drew this on a first generation iPad without a pressure-sensitive stylus in SketchBook version 2.1. Impressive stuff.

Hulk Thor Ironman Captain America Black Widow Hawkeye

In celebration of the release of Captain America Civil War, we thought it’d be nice to rewind the clock and give it another look. Here’s some in-progress shots, along with Paul’s original thoughts on the piece:

Drawing the Avengers
“The illustration came together really well. Originally just for mock up purposes… I use the app to create comprehensives for my clients mostly, its a fast way of sketching and coloring and playing for me to get the look I am after for each project.”
How to Draw the Hulk
“In the case of the Avengers piece, the organizer loved the mock-up so much he decided to make it into posters for the show! He just fell in love with my iPad version, and it never made it to the drawing board… they ran with the SketchBook Pro artwork. Which just shows you how great the work can be straight from the app!”
drawing the avengers
“The Avengers piece has since proven to be very popular with fans of my work… which made me splash out and get a new iPad so I can work at higher res.”

Enjoy More Paul

Follow Paul to see more of his amazing movie posters (from Buckaroo Banzai to Star Wars) over on Twitter and Instagram. Or go check out his personal site. Or, watch this nice collection of some of his sketches: